Our mobile world requires the growing mobility of our employees. But higher the employee’s mobility, higher the cost of mobile structure maintaining and development. It is especially noticeable in such area as merchandising, where paper forms are the most popular way to record the results at least somehow; however this way involves expenses, possible loss of quality and… mobility. In addition to form-filling, the employee should in some manner transfer the form to back office; then it is to be correctly entered and analysed for possible errors afterwards.

The corporate system of merchandiser activity automation — MobileSOP Merchandise — will allow you to step aside of traditional paperwork technologies through complete automation of any forms entry and their transmission to your back office analytical system bypassing the whole stage of result retyping from the paper carriers. Additionally, the system provides you with the complete reports on the activity of your employee that allows monitoring his/her steps by minutes.


The issue worth special attention is the automation of such long stage of standard technology use as filled form transmission to back office. Unlike the paper questionnaire, the form filled on HandHeld will reach your office system within 30 seconds, thanking to data mobile transmission.

MobileSOP Merchandise supports any type of the paper form that can be processed by your back office system. The time saved on filling the necessary forms allows the merchandiser to undertake the functions of sales representative (for example, additional ordering of required goods at sales point, stock take operation, payment receipt, etc.)

The system offers a separate function, goods distribution (facing; checking if goods are present in shop window/showcase) — this operation now takes only few minutes.

Owing to convenient and easy-to-grasp system interface, you will cut your time and cost expenses on staff training, as well as raise the efficiency of your mobile representative work.


All you need for your staff automation is any HandHeld, any IR port equipped mobile phone and MobileSOP Merchandise system.