Mobile Manager

MobileSOP for Manager 


Manager’s HandHeld based tool for preview and analysis of various reports, diagrams, graphs and other vital information 


Using a HandHeld, you will be able to remotely receive all the required reports generated by your back office system. Wherever you go, regardless of the distance between you and your office, you can anytime perform a direct mobile phone call to download the updates for each necessary report. MobileSOP for Manager allows previewing image files, diagrams, graphs and other data required for any complexity level decision-making while you are on-the-go. 


Through the use of html technology, our solution allows you to obtain a structured information of almost any complexity level required for decision-making and/or the current business processes analysis. 


The data division feature enables the manager to get only personalised information corresponding to his/her level — in real-time mode, by simple placement of common mobile phone next to HandHeld. 


With the help of additional module of duplex data exchange between desktop PC and HandHeld, you can get the documents created by such widespread office applications as MS Word and Excel, audio- and videofiles, and other required data. You will be able to create any documents in office applications on your HandHeld (e.g., Excel reports, Word texts) and send them to higher managers on-the-fly. 


MobileSOP for Manager supports the most cost-efficient mode of data transfer: direct mobile phone call within the same operator’s network. For example, the order accepted can be transmitted to back office and automatically processed within 20 seconds. Optionally supported: GPRS; Wi-Fi; landline communications, office synchronisation through HandHeld cradle. The system can work on communicator as well as on inexpensive HandHeld supplemented with common mobile phone.


MobileSOP for Manager supports virtually any popular model of HandHeld by leading manufacturers such as Hewlett-Packard, Toshiba, Rover Computers, Dell, ASUS, Mitac, and Fujitsu-Siemens. 


Use your business time efficiently — MobileSOP for Manager will assist you doing it!