MobileSOP Overview

With our MobileSOPsystem, any trading representative/mercherdizer or seller (further referred to as “mobile representative”) can use his/her tablet PC or communicator to perform basic functions of retail audit, merchandizing, collection of orders from clients, payment acceptance, deliveries, sales, and visiting clients by the route chart.

Moreover, our software has functions of convenient workwith base of retail sites and routes, providing display of retail sites on the map. A mobile representative can find the complete information on a retailsite (address, contacts, sites), debt receivable information, lead from the supervisor and notes on the site (e.g., contract number).

The most important function of the program is producing of various reports related to retail audit, which your employee will fill directly in-site, as well as trading activities, such as taking mobile orders from clients.

The software is written and adapted for ordinary people, has convenient and user-friendly interface which allows even aged people with limited PC skills to start using it in no time.

Noteworthy is that the program operation in a site needs no Internet connection, all data are stored in a cell phone or a tablet PC. From time to time, your mobile representative carries out synchronization via mobile communication or Wi-Fi.

Each operation executed by your mobile representative on a route is linked to a special information on audit of his/her work: location (determined via GPS or network), and time of carrying out of operation. Combined with realization of the scheme of his/her motion by the route it gives you complete control functions.

In-site photoreport: Available. Convenient. Supports tablets and phones. Android, IPAD, IPAD MINI, IPHONE are supported.
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