Mobile warehouse

A solution for your warehouse allowing you to perform operative control over your stock and movement of goods in real-time mode
Storekeeper is equipped with a simple to use touchscreen HandHeld with built-in barcode scanner to perform basic functions of receipt, shipping and relocation of goods, as well as the functions of stock revision and adjustment. The system allows showing the details and special notes (e.g., do not accept this type of goods; contact goods manager) per each covenantee, and also allows entering new covenantees. Each item can be found in goods categories by the barcode or by the set of symbols (code, name) in a few seconds. Additional payment receipt and goods image preview optional functions are available.
Data transfer from HandHeld to the office system takes less than one minute and can be fulfilled through any available communication means (wireless network, direct mobile phone call, direct connection through serial cable, and so on). All the necessary documents can be printed from HandHeld directly to practically any printer (with no desktop PC required).
We recommend to use the lite version of MobileSOP Stock Control in sales areas for revisions, stock adjustment and retail audit (placement of goods on shelves, other criteria). In this connection, the distinctive feature of the system is its ability to operate in offline mode, i.e. all the stock database, etc., will be contained in HandHeld, eliminating the necessity in online communications.
MobileSOP Stock Control offers the opportunity of full integration with any back office/ accounting system existing in owner's office. The information on all the actions taken, as well as other control data from representative (time when the operation is performed, totals, etc.) are being transmitted to owner's office system automatically. MobileSOP Stock Control remains under complete control of office system, viz: current office system defines the list of goods, their packaging, prices, etc. These data are automatically trans-mitted into MobileSOP Stock Control system daily.
MobileSOP Stock Control has modular structure so the system can be configured promptly to suit your individual business logics. Easy-to-use and easy-to-grasp interface saves your time spent on training and increases the speed of routine operation fulfilment.
MobileSOP Stock Control supports virtually any popular model of HandHeld by leading manufacturers such as Hewlett-Packard, Toshiba, Rover Computers, Dell, ASUS, Mitac, and Fujitsu-Siemens.