POSPack: printing on-the-go

POSPack and document printing
There are several ways to print the necessary documents:
Printers in office or mounted into minivan/truck
Mobile printers and virtually any type of handheld printers Printing through BlueTooth or wireless network
Virtually any type of printer with IR port
In addition, we can offer the hardware of our own design for your car/minivan. It is POSPack (metal box integrating all the equipment for MobileSOP work on the truck).
POSPack equipment includes:
Purpose-built rugged metal box casing with all you need for system operation in truck/ minivan:
1. Power supply converter for all other devices. POSPack can be supplied with cigarette lighter plug, or be directly connected to car's accumulator battery.
2. Dot-matrix printer allowing to print A4/landscape documents. Additionally, printer supports printing of up to five copies of each document simultaneously. Automatic paper feed is the excellent way to optimise the work content for each driver. The paper can bear owner's corporate identity.
3. Large slot for perforated paper stockpile.
4. Cradle for HandHeld recharge and connection to printer.
5. OPTIONALLY: GSM/GPRS modem for data exchange between the office and truck on the route. Your minivans/ trucks will be able to obtain the orders from your office and transmit the results back on-the-go via mobile communications.