Preselling Basic tasks performed by manager on PocketPC during order collection out-of-office:

  • working on virtually any PocketPC, TabletPC and notebook
  • customer search
  • customer’s details preview
  • customer’s order history
  • opportunity to create an order in a few seconds
  • convenient goods search system
  • backward calculation
  • total amount and tax auto calculation
  • customer’s special pricing support
  • discount system support
  • opportunity to ptint the order right on the meeting with customer
  • barcode scanner support
  • opportunity to remotely transfer all the data including customers, goods, VAT, suppliers, prices, etc., via mobile and wireless communications, landlines, Internet
  • opportunity for rep to preview his/her report on collected orders
  • opportunity to group mobile reps by data access level rights
  • dynamic remote monitoring over mobile reps by their managers using shirt-pocket-sized handhelds
  • easy-to-use and easy-to-grasp features

More detailed list of supported operations on pre-selling:

1. Route list support.

1.1 Opportunity to set the route lists individually 

1.2 Prompt selection of each customer in route list; convenient customer browsing 

1.3 Necessary type of operation support — payment or order collection on each visit (call). 

1.4 Manager’s ability to preview all the route lists for every mobile rep, both in whole and individually, in office and remotely — from PocketPC or notebook. 

1.5 Customer search by any combination of symbols in name or customer’s code. 

1.6 Opportunity to check pending tasks for previous and future days. 

1.7 Opportunity to filter the tasks by dates. 

2. Any customer selection opportunity 

2.1 Prompt customer selection. Convenient customer browsing. 

2.2 Customer search by any combination of symbols in name or customer’s code. 

3. Customer’s details. 

3.1 On selection of any customer, additional information is shown — his/her address, balance, credit limits, status, phones, contact details. 

3.2 Supporting full centralised list of contacts per customer with prompt contact search option. Unlimited number of contacts. 

3.3 Opportunity to choose customer’s delivery address. Supporting unlimited list of delivery addresses with convenient search and browse system. 

4. Important actual information on customers. 

4.1 Opportunity to create actual text information on each customer. MobileSOP ensures that mobile rep will read this information before conducting the operation (e.g., data on customer’s debts or description of best way to reach his/her premises, etc.) 

5. Opportunity to create customer’s order in a few seconds: 

5.1 Efficient and convenient browsing for goods 

5.2 Item search by code 

5.3 Item search by barcode 

5.4 Item search by name 

5.5 Item search by supplier (manufacturer) 

5.6 Item search by group 

5.7 Opportunity to preview the order history for selected customer right in the process of order creation, with option to add the goods from previous orders 

5.8 Opportunity to duplicate previous order with single tap 

5.9 Opportunity to use the summary analisys for ordered goods 

5.10 Full pricing details are available for selected goods. Special prices for individual customers are supported. Data on goods packaging/ unit types are available as well. 

5.11 Complete support of goods factorisation (split) of goods. Different prices for «pack» and «piece» are supported. 

5.12 Instant amount calculation. Individual VAT calculation. 

5.13 Opportunity to edit the goods prices. Backward price calculation. 

5.14 Backward calculation of quantity on the base of amounts (woth with or without VAT included). 

5.15 Stock levels preview according to selected date. 

5.16 Opportunity to create/ preview the summary list for order. 

5.17 Delivery date change. 

5.18 Responsible person appointment. 

5.19 Assigning the customer purchase order’s number. 

5.20 General discount opportunity. 

5.21 Opportunity to collect the payment right in the process of order creation. 

5.22 Opportunity to set the comments right in the process of order creation. 

5.23 Opportunity to preview and print the order. 

5.24 Opportunity of instant conversion of Order into Quotation and vice versa. 

6. Opportunity to create quotation. 

7. Supporting individual access levels for different users: 

7.1 Administrator 

7.2 Supervisor (manager) 

7.3 Mobile representative.  

8. According to user’s access rights, opportunity to preview/ edit/ delete all collected/ processed orders. Option of editing, reviewing and printing the order status — according to access rights. Each user can view only the information required for this user type. For example, manager can view any order, while mobile rep can view only the orders he/she collected, and cannot edit the orders already checked by supervisor. 

9. Visual dynamical preview of order status (quotation, order, confirmed order, processed order).  

10. Option to set the necessary time period for report created: 

10.1 On collected orders 

10.2 On collected payments 

10.3 On goods necessary for order list processing 

10.4 On items in stock 

11. Full integration with existing customer’s back office/ accounting system. Data import/ export using existing file formats. 

12. Data flow backup opportunity. 

13. User’s activity logging. 

14. Option of direct integration between Sybase and Interbase databases. 

15. Provision of network seat operation (if required).  

16. Touchscreen support in office. Supporting keyboard and mouse — with no relation to touchscreen availability. 

17. Complete order history and its automatic transmission to back office. 

18. Complete payment history and its automatic transmission to back office. 

19. Storing the timestamp for each operation 

20. Opportunity to create specific consolidated reports for user’s needs, for example, Stock Reconciliation Report. 

21. Collected data transmission to back office. 

22. Option to provide the user with modified logics covering his/her needs — to be stipulated separately. 

A complete list of required functions to be stipulated with our customer on configuration stage. 

Office server workplace provides:

  1. Data import into MobileSOP (from back office/ accounting systems) 
  1. Data export from MobileSOP (driver/ agent/ mobile rep activity results to be processed by back office/ accounting system resulting in creation of tax notes, waybills, invoices and other dockets/reports)
  1. Backup copy creation for incoming data 
  1. Backup copy creation for outgoing data
  1. Database maintenance 
  1. If necessary, we can develop office reports for our customer willing to process mobile rep activity results — e.g. sales analysis per region, per representative or per goods type; prifit analysis, etc. It is to be stipulated with customer depending on his company business processes.
  1. MobileSOP provides Central control utility. In this utility owner can set the following: 
— Owner’s details to be printed on each document  — Install software component on handheld by himself/ herself  — Disable any workplace (for example if some handheld is stolen)  — Re-install workplace  — Change login/ password for any rep/ supervisor/ administrator