Tasks supported for central / regional office

Our solution is operating on regional principle. 


It can function independently in each region. However we can provide our customer with additional system able to transfer the results from each region to center, and transfer the data on prices and stock from center to each region (Internal monitoring). 


Regional principle allows controlling the reps connected to certain depot (office). For example, the solution installed on manufacuring facility will control the goods dispatched on trucks for regional departments. In its turn, regional solution will control the activity of regional mobile reps. 


To support dynamical processing of customers, prices and stock for each region, we will provide predefined file formats allowing to perform the integration with practically any back office/ accounting system. These files will contain the description of all goods, prices, customers, taxes, etc. We will organise the process of automatic import of accounting system data into MobileSOP. Additionally, we can provide the utility able to automate the process of import and work according to schedule — for example, at 1:00 am. 


All the results of mobile rep activity are being transmitted to regional MobileSOP database for further export to external files. These files are duplicated in backup storage and then may be imported into back office/ accounting system and/or transmitted via internal network channels to center for further control/ analisys. 

Office server workplace provides:

  1. Data import into MobileSOP (from back office/ accounting systems)  
  1. Data export from MobileSOP (driver/ agent/ mobile rep activity results to be processed by back office/ accounting system resulting in creation of tax notes, waybills, invoices and other dockets/reports)  
  1. Backup copy creation for incoming data  
  1. Backup copy creation for outgoing data  
  1. Database maintenance  
  1. If necessary, we can develop office reports for our customer willing to process mobile rep activity results — e.g. sales analysis per region, per representative or per goods type; prifit analysis, etc. It is to be stipulated with customer depending on his company business processes.  
  1. MobileSOP provides Central control utility. In this utility owner can set the following: 

— Owner’s details to be printed on each document 

— Install software component on HandHeld by himself/ herself 

— Disable any workplace (for example if some HandHeld is stolen) 

— Re-install workplace 

— Change login/ password for any rep/ supervisor/ administrator