Service center

Mobile representative automation and control system
Mobile representative is equipped with a simple-to-use touchscreen HandHeld to perform basic functions of completed work result fixation, new task receipt, mobile form and report filling, processing the applications for services provision/ goods delivery.
The unique feature of this system implementation is the opportunity of complete remote control over the whole network of mobile representatives by their manager (business owner). Using HandHeld, notebook or office PC, manager is able to dynamically review the orders accepted, confirm or cancel them, change their status, add the comments, as well as obtain the most complete consolidated reports for each representative.
MobileSOP Service Center is a unified solution for efficient entry of questionnaires, forms and reports, allowing mobile representative to conduct marketing research of any complexity level. With the help of MobileSOP Service Center, mobile representative will be able to remotely download all the necessary reports and updates formed by your back office system. The data division feature enables the employee to get only personalised information corresponding to his access level, in real-time mode. Additionally, MobileSOP Service Center allows previewing image files, diagrams, graphs and other data required for any decision-making and work fulfilment while your employee is on-the-go.
With the help of additional module of duplex data exchange between desktop PC and HandHeld, you can get the documents created by such widespread office applications as MS Word and Excel, audio- and videofiles, and other required data. Mobile representative will be able to create any documents in office applications on his HandHeld (e.g., Excel reports, Word texts) and send them to his/her managers on-the-fly.
On the completion of any actions, your mobile representative can perform a duplex exchange of any data with the central office via the direct call from a common mobile phone. The transmission time for data on orders and payments received, competed task report, etc., is about 40 seconds. The cost of such transmission equals to voice phone call of same time length. If you have purchased a corporate package from your operator, this way of communication becomes one of the most cost-efficient, fast and safe.
Optionally supported: GPRS; Wi-Fi; landline communications, office synchronisation through HandHeld cradle.
The system can work on communicator as well as on inexpensive HandHeld supplemented with common mobile phone.
MobileSOP Service Center supports virtually any popular model of HandHeld by leading manufacturers such as Hewlett-Packard, Toshiba, Rover Computers, Dell, ASUS, Mitac, and Fujitsu-Siemens.