General principles

The WEB-interface allows you to work with the main data tables that are used in the merchandising system and the unified database of retail points of sale of the customer’s company.  The interface consists of two parts: 
  • main data access menu 
  • data display areas
The access menu is located on the left side of the screen and is located vertically. It displays the names of the system partitions. Clicking on the section name opens a list of available tables or reports (Fig. 1.1).
Figure 1.1. System Interface - Employee List
In the data displaying area are displayed: (Fig. 1.2):
  1. name of the table being viewed;
  2. available filters;
  3. field names;
  4. field values and service action button.
Figure 1.2. Points of Sale List
The service action buttons allow you to perform the following actions: – view the change history of the object; – view record details; – edit record details; – delete record; – go to the list of sub-elements. In the upper right corner there are buttons: – allows you to create a new record in the database; – allows you to return to the list in one level higher; At the bottom of the screen there are two buttons:
  • – allows you to export the current list to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.
  • – allows you to select the necessary fields for export by specified fields to the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet
  – Clicking on a column name allows you to sort the data by that column. In fig. 1.2 shows an example of sorting by the “Role” column. List filtering is performed using the “Add Filter” and “Filter” buttons.  – The “Add Filter” button allows you to create a new filter. – ou can filter lists by the values of details that are displayed in columns. Depending on the type of attribute value, a condition option is displayed for filtering by the selected attribute. After specifying the required filter, click on the “Filter” button to apply the filter to the list. Filters work according to the “AND” logic, i.e. filter values are overlapped. If mutually exclusive conditions are selected in the filters, the result will be empty.