User manual WEB-interface

1. General principles of work

2. User management

2.1. User Management Subsystem Structure

2.2. List of Posts

2.3. Operation “Change Password”

2.4. Management “Password Policy Settings”

2.5. Login Log

2.6. User role management

2.7. Employee List Management

2.8. Sending messages to users

2.9. Report Usage Log

3. Management point of sails / contractors

3.1. Composition of the point of sails / contractor management subsystem

3.2. List of points of sale

3.3. List of points of sale on the map (Coverage)

3.4. Points of sale Attributes

3.5. Attribute group

3.6. Sending messages to a group of point of sails

3.7. Transfering of points of sale / contractor to another user

4. References

5. Route management

6. Task management

6.1. General rules for working with tasks

6.2. Types of tasks

6.2.1. Task with 3 parameters, with logical control and commentary

6.2.2. ask with the ability to enter a sign of availability and comment

7. Reports

7.1. Information Analysis Options

7.2. Report “PDA Operations Log” and “Report on PDA Operations (PHOTO)”

7.3. Failure Report

7.4. Communication Report

7.5. Recent Contact Report

7.6. Not visited points of sale report

7.7. Task Report

7.8. Route Report

7.9. Audit Route Implementation Report

7.10. PDA Operations Report (Map)

7.11. GPS Report

8. Description of the algorithm for performing basic operations

8.1. Entering a new points of sale in the mobile component and confirmation via the WEB interface

8.2. Adding the information on the closing points of sale in the database

Training video course on using the WEB interface: